The ''Cuddlies'' hugging on the pillow

Hi! We are the Cuddlies.

Hey! Nice to meet you! So what’s the picture about?

It’s the very first picture of us that Aliya drew for Ante.

Who’s Ante and Aliya?

They are the ones who made our stories. And they are totally awesome! You’d like them if you’ve met them. Aliya is a designer and Ante is a web-programmer and a musician, apart from everything else.

Sounds great. What are these stories and how did they make them?

Aliya and Ante were living in different cities and countries. 🇭🇷 🇰🇿 They were meeting once every two-three months and it was tough sometimes. So one night Aliya drew us and send to Ante, saying it would be so nice just to cuddle. Ante loved it so much, she decided to draw us every day.

That’s so romantic. 😍 Are there a lot of stories?

She was drawing them for quite some time and after a while there was enough for a whole book.

How did they come up with story themes?

Aliya was drawing what she dreamed of them doing together and surprised Ante. When she was out of ideas, she would ask Ante and he would bring in his ideas.

Wow, nice! Like dreaming together. 😊

Exactly! And you’d be surprised how many of those stories came true! Aliya always felt it was like a little magic. ✨

Are there any more Cuddly stories here?

Yes, of course! If you click on the menu button at the top right corner of this page, you’ll see all the Cuddly stories and can read them yourself!

Yes, of course! Have a look at the left side of the screen and you’ll see all the cuddly stories and can read them yourself!

Great! Going to go and read it immediately!

Sure! Enjoy! 😉